Quality & Environment

The company policy aims at fully meeting the needs of the market and of individual customers in a way that ensures that human health is not endangered, either directly or indirectly, and that no processes or methods that could harm the environment are used.

To implement this policy, the company undertakes to:

  • Implement state-of-the-art methods and processes and comply with the relevant applicable legislation;
  • Use appropriate equipment and trained personnel, in all areas of the Company;
  • Systematically monitor and control all stages of the production process;
  • Give priority to prevention above all its other activities so as to minimize the possibility of non-compliance with quality and environmental requirements;
  • Ensure adequate resources for Quality Management and Environmental Management.

In addition, the company establishes a specific framework of objectives, provides for the effective monitoring thereof and ensures that there are adequate resources to achieve these objectives.

These objectives relate to:

  • Expansion of activity and recycling of electrical appliances;
  • Improvement of storage capacity so as to increase the volume of recovered waste for the production of secondary raw materials and to improve delivery time;
  • Continuous improvement of its infrastructure, implementing pollution control technology using the best available techniques;
  • Ongoing staff training;
  • Avoidance of waste generation, or, when this is not possible, recovery of the waste, or when this is not technically and economically feasible, disposal of waste in such a manner as to avoid or reduce environmental impact.